A New Year of Writing Resolutions

Here’s to a new year of writing! I know I haven’t been active on my social media or website recently, and that’s because of a few reasons. My work at the library became very intense this past summer because my boss was on maternity leave, so I had to take over many of her duties in addition to my own. When she returned, she revealed that she is becoming the assistant director of our county’s library system with the goal of becoming executive director. The issue lies in the fact that it has been my goal since I was 15 to become executive director of our libraries. Learning that she is about four steps ahead of me on this career path put me in a dark place where I could barely focus on completing my college coursework, let alone writing blog posts, tweets, Instagram posts, or working on my WIPs.

That dark place involved a lot of second-guessing for me as I tried to figure out what I wanted my day job to be. I bounced around a lot of ideas, from dropping down to a lower position at the library to becoming an online adjunct professor to being an editor, but after several months of self-reflecting, I’ve decided to stay on my current course and see where it takes me. I hope, and believe, that making this decision will ease my mind enough to allow me to start writing again.

In the midst of my self-reflection, although I didn’t get any non-academic writing done, I was reminded of how important writing is to me. It is my outlet to share my emotions, my hopes and fears, and to fight for the social issues I care about. My resolutions for this coming year are to regularly post on my website and social media, and to write something heartfelt every day, even if it is only a few sentences, a poem, or a journal entry. If I exercise my creative writing skills every day, I hope that I won’t lose my motivation and focus like I did this year. I know that the hardest part of keeping these resolutions will be finding the drive to write and post content even when I am tired from a long day or a long week. But I cannot let something like fatigue, writer’s block, or stress derail my writing goals, because being a novelist has been my dream for longer than I’ve wanted to be the director of my county’s libraries. I’m going to make this coming year about prioritizing my writing because even more than being a librarian, I want to be an author. How will you use the new year to pursue your dreams?

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