The Alchemist’s Ghost

Andrew Mitchell’s story is only beginning when he wakes up in a New York City graveyard as a ghost. The last thing he remembers is being stabbed after witnessing the murder of a classmate. Confused, angry, and searching for answers about how to pass on, Andrew meets a surprising ally: Skylar Morgan, none other than the 19-year-old hit-woman who killed him. Instead of being terrified or seeking vengeance, however, Andrew finds himself intrigued by—and attracted to—Skylar, the reluctant assassin of Edgar Wong, an alchemist drug lord set on using his magic to control New York and surrounding cities. Determined to take down Edgar and his drug network, Andrew and Skylar join forces to free themselves from a world they never asked to join: one of murder, pain, and life after death. But a malevolent voice inside Andrew keeps urging him to violence, urges that are becoming harder to resist the closer they get to answers about his ghostly state. Now, Andrew doesn’t know what will happen when they finally face Edgar. Will Andrew destroy him, or join him?