Building Your Author Platform: Setting Up Social Media

As the second post in my three-part blog series on building your author platform, the following lists contain resources that were invaluable for me while creating my author social media accounts.

Setting Up Author Social Media:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Writers 2021” by Dave Chesson – This article is a comprehensive guide to basically any social media platform you would want to use to build your online presence as a writer. It describes the benefits of each platform and lists several authors who are successfully using them to build their author platforms and reach their target audience.
  • The Best Social Media Strategies for Creative Writers” by Jenny Bravo – This article delves a bit deeper into Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and how a writer can best utilize each social media outlet to build their author platform. It lists best practices for each social media platform as well as what to avoid doing on each.
  • Social Media Content Ideas For Authors” by Lauren@Lulu – This is a go-to article when you’re struggling to come up with content ideas for your social media platforms. It describes the different types of content you’ll want to post, provides examples, and even offers advice on how to create high-quality images for your platform.

Other Helpful Resources:


  • How to Get Noticed on Twitter — 15 Tips for Writers” by Carol Tice – This is a great article to refer to when you’re setting up your author Twitter account. It guides you through personalizing your profile to stand out as a professional writer as well as explains basic Twitter best practices so you can get the most out of this social media platform.
  • Twitter for Writers 101” by Willie Handler – This article delves deeper into Twitter best practices and how best to utilize Twitter to an author’s advantage. It covers types of content you can post, how to manage the accounts you follow, and how (and when) to successfully market yourself on Twitter.
  • Twitter Marketing 101: For Writers” by Kimberley Grabas – This is an all-in-one article that explains many aspects of getting yourself established on Twitter. You’ll learn all about tweets, personalizing your profile, what and when to post, and how to gain followers through “follow etiquette.”

Other Helpful Resources:


  • Facebook for Authors: Getting Started Guide” by Jane Friedman – If you’re on the fence about using Facebook as part of your author platform, this is a great article to read. It guides you through the Facebook decision process and introduces you to strategies you should try as well as behaviors to avoid.
  • 15 Ways Authors Use Facebook to Promote Their Books” by Evelyn Maguire – Once you set up your Facebook page, this article will give you great ideas for what to post and strategies to implement to increase traffic to your page. It even includes examples of how real authors are using those ideas on their own Facebook pages to help guide you.
  • Facebook for Authors: Etiquette and Strategies” – This article gives a list of Facebook dos and don’ts for your author page. It also offers helpful tips on what and when to post, and gives you ideas on how to increase your Facebook page’s visibility for your target audience.

Other Helpful Resources:


  • How to Use Instagram As an Author Plus 10 Ways to Grow Your Account Organically” by Joanna Penn – Perfect for authors just getting started on Instagram, this article takes you through step by step on how to set up your Instagram account, what to post, when to post, and gives you great strategies to apply. It also delves into different features and resources you can use to maximize your Instagram account’s effectiveness.
  • 13 Tips on Using Instagram as an Indie Author” by Jessica Hawkins – This is an amazing article that gives you great strategies on how to use Instagram to your advantage. It also gives you tons of ideas for different content you can post to keep your Instagram fresh and interesting.
  • 10 Instagram Tips for Writers” by Annie Sullivan – This is a great, quick article that offers ten best strategies you can apply to your author Instagram account to help reach your audience. It even provides a list of other author Instagram accounts you can check out for inspiration.

Other Helpful Resources:

Check for the last post in this blog series to be posted in two weeks, featuring helpful resources for establishing your website’s blog!

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