“The League” Character Sketch: Keenan Montgomery

I recently revisited my YA thriller work-in-progress, The League, and began rewriting it. Doing so has me reviewing the character sketches I made years ago for each of the novel’s main characters. The sketches basically serve as an outline of a character’s physical appearance, personality, history, motivations, and character arc to help keep me on track when I’m writing, ensuring I don’t have them do anything uncharacteristic. Although I’m still years away from publishing the first book in the series, I thought I’d share a sneak peek into it via the (abridged) character sketch for Keenan Montgomery, The League’s primary male character. He is one of my favorite characters in the novel, so I hope you enjoy learning more about him.

Name: Keenan Montgomery


  • He is the Head of the League safehouse that Nikki is taken to after she is rescued. His job is to plan missions, supervise everything within the safehouse, and help decide where to place the human trafficking victims his team rescues.
  • Keenan and Nikki instantly clash with one another, but she can’t help being intrigued by his mysterious personality.

Physical Description:

  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 5′ 11”
  • Weight: 170 pounds
  • Hair: Close-cropped, dirty blonde
  • Skin: Warm brown, tan
  • Physique: Slim but fit, muscular without being stocky, ropy muscles
  • Eyes: Aquamarine, oval-shaped
  • Upon close inspection: He has several old scars scattered across his hands and arms.


  • At first glance, he seems impassive, cold, uncaring about other people. He can be standoffish and stern, even with people he’s known for years.
  • He is extremely dedicated to his job and making sure that he and everyone else does it correctly. Keenan prides himself on how hardworking he is, often working late into the night after everyone is asleep.
  • He never talks about his past or his family and dodges any personal questions. Even people who have known him since he joined the League know very little about him.


  • Since he is so hardworking, Keenan rarely makes time for himself. When he does, he usually spends it alone, exercising in the safehouse’s gym or practicing at the gun range.

Nervous Characteristic:

  • Whenever he’s nervous, he drums his fingers to the beat of the lullaby his mother sang to him as a child.

To learn more about The League, check out its synopsis, here.

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